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Membership No-1 Abhay kumar Lal Das Ph: 9312301160 & 9810450229
Membership No-2 Sarita Das Ph: 9968071594
Membership No-3 Group Capt. Dr. Ram Kumar Mallik Ph: 9811748888
Membership No-4 Jai Prakash Lal Das Ph: 9810431060
Membership No-5 Nirbhay Kumar Ph: 9868255843
Membership No-6 Jitendra Narayan Dutta Ph: 9818389612
Membership No-7 Navin Kumar Ph: 981581770
Membership No-8 Arvind Chandra Das Ph: 9968069385
Membership No-9 Kamlesh Kumar Das Ph: 9899717445
Membership No-10 Archana Das Ph: 22361648
Membership No-11 Shambhu Shankar Ph: 9971931697
Membership No-12 Rakesh Kumar Das Ph: 9811203643
Membership No-13 Rajesh Kumar Karn Ph: 9868467772
Membership No-14 Birendra Kumar Karn Ph: 9810656394
Membership No-15 Sundram Ph: 9811254899
Membership No-16 Shailandra Chandra Das Ph: 9868953899
Membership No-17 Om Prakash Lal Das Ph: 9868208726
Membership No-18 Adhir Kumar Mallik Ph: 9868817590
Membership No-19 Rajesh Kumar Das Ph: 9818823765
Membership No-20 Gyan Kumar Mallik Ph: 9810634794
Membership No-21 Mohan Kumar Das Ph: 9818898253
Membership No-22 Rabindra Chandra Lal Das Ph: 9868182535
Membership No-23 Nirmal Kumar Karn Ph: 9810029940
Membership No-24 Pradeep Kumar Ph: 9818942098
Membership No-25 Vinita Mallik Ph: 9868415194
Membership No-26 Rakesh Kumar Ph: 9210649220
Membership No-27 Sanjay Kumar Choudhary Ph: 9810982033
Membership No-28 Kumar Bimlendu Ph: 9899047694
Membership No-29 Sunita Das Ph: 25089644
Membership No-30 Anju Das Ph: 9968669988
Membership No-31 Hari Shankar Kumar Ph: 9810476265
Membership No-32 Sambhu Kumar Das Ph: 9811010557
Membership No-33 Naresh Anand Ph: 9891628629
Membership No-34 Dr. Gajendra Narayan Karn Ph: 9891988466
Membership No-35 Shailendra Kumar ‘Bittu’ Ph: 9917000527
Membership No-36 Nutan Das Ph: 22118191
Membership No-37 Sandhya Kumari Ph: 9968233394
Membership No-38 Shyam Kumar Dutta Ph: 9910962627
Membership No-39 Hriday Narayan Mishra Ph: 9313191344
Membership No-40 Kumar Hare Krishna Ph: 9871710638
Membership No-41 Subodh Kumar Saha Ph: 9313786626
Membership No-42 Sharat Chandra Ph: 9899209886
Membership No-43 Nirmala Chandra Ph: 9871441260
Membership No-44 Deepali Karn Ph: 9868113421
Membership No-45 Neelam Das Ph: 9999608073
Membership No-46 Nutan Shankar Ph: 9868464771
Membership No-47 Rakhi Das Ph: 9868541367
Membership No-48 Anand Ranjan Ph: 9927025254
Membership No-49 Jayanand Lal Ph: 9868385141
Membership No-50 Godawari Dutt Ph: 06276-223348
Membership No-51 Durga Nand Das Ph: 986886279
Membership No-52 Pankaj Prabhakar Ph: 9910622804
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